Authorised and Unauthorised Software policy Template

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The purpose of this Policy is to address all issues relevant to software installation and deployment on the Company computer systems. IT objective is to enable its employees to perform their tasks with technology that is in good operating condition while appropriately addressing the business needs.



Authorised and Unauthorised Software policy Template

Introducing our “Authorised and Unauthorised Software Policy Template” – a comprehensive policy designed to assist organizations in establishing clear guidelines and procedures for the management of software usage within their environment.

In today’s digital landscape, it is crucial to have control over the software installed on your systems to ensure security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Our template provides a structured framework to define and enforce policies regarding authorized and unauthorized software.


Key Features:

1. Policy Definition: Specify the criteria for software approval, installation, and usage, ensuring adherence to legal, licensing, and security requirements.

2. Software Approval Process: Implement a standardized process for software approval, ensuring that all software undergoes a vetting and evaluation procedure before being authorized for use.

3. Software Inventory and Monitoring: Implement monitoring mechanisms to detect and prevent the installation of unauthorized software. Regularly audit software installations to identify and address any non-compliant or unapproved software.

4. License Compliance: Emphasize the importance of license compliance and ensure that all authorized software is properly licensed and used within the terms of the licensing agreements.

5. Security Considerations: Educate employees about the risks associated with using unauthorized or unapproved software, such as malware, data breaches, and system vulnerabilities.

6. Employee Awareness and Training: Promote a culture of responsibility and accountability in software usage, ensuring that employees understand the potential risks and consequences of using unapproved software.

7. Enforcement and Consequences: Define the consequences of non-compliance with the authorized software policy, such as disciplinary actions or loss of privileges.


By implementing our Authorized and Unauthorized Software Policy Template, you can establish a robust framework for managing software usage within your organization. Maintain control over software installations, ensure compliance with licensing agreements, reduce security risks associated with unapproved software, and optimize operational efficiency.


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